Spec Racing

Oregon Coast R/C Spec Rallycross Racing

What is it?  It’s an excuse for a bunch of nerds to get together and break things.  Okay, it’s an R/C car race series (loosely speaking) that uses the same cars, batteries and electronics to make the racing closer.  We race indoors, outdoor, on dirt, pavement, gravel, with jumps, obstacles, etc.

Races will happen at random places around the Newport/Waldport/Toledo areas.  Parks, warehouses, skate parks, yards – you name it, we will probably race there.

The Spec Equipment

Total cost of spec racer: $159.03

Optional Spares (but highly recommended)

Total cost of spares: $3.63 (per full set of spares)

(Note – the charger, power supply, street wheels and spare parts come from overseas, so they can take up to 3 or 4 weeks to arrive)

Want to join us?

It’s easy – email specracing@harlynjenkins.com